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Hoover Container Solutions

Since 1911, Hoover Container Solutions has been providing the highest quality liquid handling solutions and services to the chemical, petrochemical, food and beverage, and other industries.

The Hoover legacy is a company that is built to last and manufactures products that are built to last. Hoover is steeped in a tradition of manufacturing a long lasting, durable, and quality product. We bring a rich heritage of 100 years of manufacturing experience to the material handling industry, and we consistently offer high quality products and services to our customers.

Corporate Profile

Hoover created the original intermediate bulk container (IBC), the Liquitote®. Following in Hoover's legacy of tradition and durability, the Liquitote® is built to last and has remained the leading metal IBC on the market for more than 50 years. Today, we are committed to ensuring that each of our products - all manufactured in an ISO 9001:2008 facility - live up to the same standards and durable reputation as the Liquitiote®.

Hoover’s motto is “Solutions Built to Last”. To that end, our products, service and teamwork are built to stand the test of time and are at the center of who we are. For more than 100 years, Hoover has focused on leveraging these assets to deliver solutions that improve customer performance. Our goal is to create value for our customers through the quality and efficiency of our actions and products. Our success will be measured by the satisfaction of our customers.

We are committed to providing products and services for the processing, transportation, and storage of industrial products. Today, our real-time technology services and solutions enable customers to translate acquired data into useful information, which our customers then transform into knowledge for improved decision making - anytime, anywhere.


The original company was founded in 1911 by Thomas E. Adams, Sr., and operated under the name of Beatrice Steel Tank Company. The firm manufactured culverts, stock tanks, well casings, grain bins and miscellaneous farm supplies. For thirty years the company grew steadily.

The company remained in farm fabrication from 1935 until early 1942, when several large navy contracts for ordnance materials were received. Over 50% of all depth charges used by the U.S. and Allies during WWII were manufactured in Beatrice. “Steel Tank,” as the company was called locally, also manufactured 8” and 16” powder tanks, cartridge tanks and pistol containers.

The war years brought experience in the fabrication of metal containers which enabled the company to enter the aluminum fabrication and beer barrel business. The company added other product lines in 1946 and 1947, such as corrugated culvert pipe, corrugated storage buildings for grain and pre-mix containers for vending machines.

In 1949, Beatrice Steel Tank entered the bulk material-handling field under a licensing agreement with Tote Engineering, Inc. of Seattle, Washington. This began the evolution of the present firm. Pre-mix containers were produced for Cherry Burrell’s soft drink lines and the original farm equipment line was replaced by stainless steel beer barrels.

Beatrice Steel Tank was purchased by Universal Wire Spring Company of Bedford, Ohio in 1959. In May of 1960, these two companies merged and were acquired by Hoover Ball and Bearing of Ann Arbor, Michigan. The company changed its name to Tote Systems. The parent company’s name changed to Hoover Universal, Inc. in 1977, and in May 1985, Hoover Universal, Inc. became a wholly owned subsidiary of Johnson Controls, Inc.

In November of 1985, Johnson Controls, Inc. sold the Beatrice plant and 17 other plants acquired from Hoover Universal, Inc. to Citicorp Venture Capital, and Hoover Container Solutions was formed.

In 1990, the purchase of Material Handling Associates of Fairhope, Alabama added 3,000 rental tanks to the company’s offerings. In June of 1994, Hoover purchased another rental fleet from Allwaste Container Services, and added another 2,000 tanks to its inventory. Through the partnership of Hoover Container Solutions and Allwaste Container Services, the rental program was supported by a nationwide recycling and cleaning program that established recycling centers across North America.

The acquisition of Chemical Handling Equipment Company (CHEC) in April 1992, provided Hoover with the capability of producing rotationally molded, reusable tanks. In November of 1997, Hoover acquired Tubingen Plastics Group in Charlotte, North Carolina. This acquisition added the manufacturing of 35 and 55 gallon plastic drums, and reverse logistics, cleaning and fleet management services. In January of 1998, Hoover acquired Endural, a W.D. Adam company, based in Costa Mesa, California. Endural manufactures plastic, vacuum-formed material handling containers used in automotive, aerospace and electronics industries. Hoover subsequently sold Endural in 2006. In 2003, Hoover sold its blow-molding operations to Mauser to focus its activities on metal and rotationally molded IBC's and larger format containers.

In 2007, to meet the demands of our fastest growing market, the petrochemical industry, Hoover moved manufacturing operations from Beatrice, Nebraska to Houston, Texas. Similarly, in 2009, Hoover consolidated its corporate headquarters from Alpharetta, GA to the Houston facility. The new location supports all of Hoover's functions, streamlining communication internally and with the customer.

In January 2010, Hoover opened a new sales and distribution facility in Dubai, UAE to compliment its international facility in Melbourne, Australia. Hoover has its own sales and distribution facility or a Hoover licensed distributor on all six of the commercially active continents.

In April 2010, a group led by Donald W. Young purchased a controlling interest in Hoover Group, Inc. and its subsidiaries from a subsidiary of Citigroup Inc. The management-led buyout received the financial backing of several industry executives in the Houston area.

January 2013 brought Consult Supply AS into the Hoover Group family.  Consult Supply, a leading offshore container provider is based in Stavanger, Norway.  This purchase provided Hoover an additional channel to offer its range of offshore containers, cargo carrying units, container workshops and ISO tank container products. 

In October 2013 Hoover acquired Dolphin Energy Equipment, a leading provider of cargo and waste management rental equipment and related products in the Gulf of Mexico.  Headquartered in New Iberia, Louisiana, with a distribution and service center in Port Fourchon, Louisiana, Dolphins assets included a diversified fleet of cargo carrying units certified to the highest standards including DNV and API regulations. 

Continuing to expand its international footprint, Hoover acquired Container Company Ltd. in March 2014.  Container Company Ltd., based in Aberdeen, Scotland, is a leading supplier of cargo carrying units for the offshore oil and gas industry.  This acquisition complements Hoover's recent acquisitions of Consult Supply AS and Dolphin Energy Equipment, making Hoover one of the largest worldwide suppliers of CCUs.  This acquisition complemented Hoover's recent acquisitions of Consult Supply AS and Dolphin Energy Equipment making Hoover one of the largest worldwide suppliers of CCUs.

Today, Hoover is internationally recognized as a manufacturer and service provider to the material handling industry. Hoover's rich history of pioneering and innovating material handling solutions has earned the company a reputation for the highest quality products and loyal customers.

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