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Paint, Coatings & Chemicals IBC Containers

Chemical Industry

The chemical industry demands dependable products that stand up to the harshest solvents and chemicals. Hoover has consistently provided our customers with the finest of intermediate bulk containers (IBC) that meet specific requirements for durability and performance.

Chemical Storage Containers

Because no two chemical operations are alike and your needs are unique, our tanks provide you with the safest most secure form of storage handling for your chemical storage and transportation needs.

Our solutions work because we understand the specific demands of the chemical industry. The experienced Hoover team focuses on maximizing your operating efficiencies.

Paint & Coatings

Hoover's Liquitote Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) is a perfect solution for the storage and transportation demands from the paint industry. Our Stainless Steel containers are built to withstand the wide variety of chemicals required for storage and transport. In addition, any of our IBC’s can be adapted to accommodate a wide variety of blenders and mixers, ensuring consistency of your product when discharging. Whether it is specialty fittings or an entire special tank design, Hoover can meet these needs and work with you to develop the product and program required to best meet your needs. Rental or purchase – Hoover IBC's can handle any of the multitudes of requirements for this specialized field. Rental or purchase – Hoover IBC's can handle any of the multitudes of requirements for this specialized field.

Waste, Compacting and Recycling

For commercial trash compacting and recycling waste materials, Hoover offers the Enviro-Pak line of products with a number of options for Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Waste Compactors, Balers, and Crushers.  These industrial products cross a diverse range of environments, and industries, both domestically and internationally.  A wide range of FIBC compactor bags is also offered as accompaniment for any commercial compactor or bulk bag requirements.

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