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IBC Asset Management

Hoover uses metrics to keep you informed on the movement, certification needs, regulations, and stock analysis of your entire IBC fleet. This tote tank asset management system tells you what you have in stock ready to ship and what you are currently utilizing. It will also provide historical reports of usage on your equipment and product inventory.

The Hoover Tank Container's Fleet Management team manages and operates customer owned or leased tank containers. This service includes documentation, tracking and customized reporting of customer tank container movements and inventory. Fleet Management service provides:

  • Comprehensive fleet maintenance program tailored to the needs of each of our clients
  • Electronically monitoring, tracking and reporting of customer inventory
  • Coordinating fleet logistics
  • Fleet tracking and tracing
  • Customized reporting
  • 24/7 assistance and technical support

Streamlined Fleet Management

By handling every aspect of your IBC Fleet Management Program, we simplify your oversite duties and streamline your administrative tasks.  Your Hoover team will take ownership of - and responsibility for - every task we perform on your company's behalf.  Which means no more frustrations resulting from third-party issues, multiple invoices, or unforeseen vendor inefficiencies.

Contact the helpful professionals at Hoover today to learn how we can put Hoover, the industry's most comprehensive portfolio of container fleet maintenance and management capabilities program, to work for you.

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