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Transportation & Logistics

IBC Transportation Services

As a service-based turnkey logistics provider Hoover Transportation Services (HTS) aligns with customer needs to provide an efficient and much improved transportation and logistics alternative.

Functioning as a primary or auxiliary fleet provider for both small and large organizations with recurring transportation needs, HTS specializes in equipment and services tailored to the Oil, Gas, and Specialty Chemicals Industries.

Through the deployment of this unique service-centric business model Hoover provides a seamless extension of transportation services to our customers.


  • Standard/consistent pricing
  • Guaranteed availability/dedicated fleets
  • Service centric business model
  • Model allows customers to generate revenue while reducing cost
  • Customer relations- knowledge of their customer base and needs
  • Branding of assets so that anonymity is maintained (Their asset)
  • Their trucks with no risk, 100% omission of liability
  • No capital cost, industry knowledge, personnel required
  • We can usually align with a customer as their transportation provider cheaper than a customer can build out their own
  • Rate reductions over transactional models with single source solution
  • Lock in a truck/driver at a fixed weekly rate and run it until the wheels fall off, all you pay is fuel
  • Ability to expand and grow rapidly to maintain pace of business without any additional capex (transportation cost complete pass through to customer)
  • Ability to function as a primary or auxiliary fleet
  • All assets Hazmat and tanker endorsed

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