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Offshore Mud Skips / Cutting Boxes

Hoover’s offshore mudskips/cutting boxes are used for transportation and safe handling of hydrocarbon contaminated drill cuttings to and from offshore platforms.

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Product Details

  • Provide safe and efficient containment of drilling waste for transportation to treatment or disposal sites
  • All units designed and manufactured to DNV 2.7-1 / EN 12079 standards
  • Certified Slings complete with shackles are provided according to DNV 2.7-1 / EN 12079 standards
  • Lightweight lid for safe and easy lifting, opening/closing
  • Due to design there is no need for climbing on units, eliminating risk of falls
  • Large lid ensures ability to fill unit to maximum, improving logistics
  • Sealed lid prevents any spillages during transportation
  • When stacked two high the sling on the upper skip is easily accessible
  • Easy handling for crane or forklift (provided with fork-lift pockets)
  • Designed for stability—tested up to 32 degrees
  • Rigid construction for long life
  • Drainage points are standard
  • Stackable for optimum storage

Product Specifications Units: USMetric

Unit TypeTarePayloadDimensions (L × W × H)
Mudskip/Cutting Box (standard) 3571 lbs 20,679 lbs 83.5” × 72.9” × 63.6”
Mudskip/Cutting Box (special) 3748 lbs 20,503 lbs 83.5” × 72.9” × 63.6”
Mudskip/Cutting Box (standard) 1620 kgs 9380 kgs 2120 mm × 1852 mm × 1616 mm
Mudskip/Cutting Box (special) 1700 kgs 9300 kgs 2120 mm × 1852 mm × 1616 mm

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