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Compactor Features Explained

  • Automatic Operation:  Our compactors with automatic operation are those that allow the operator to turn the unit on, and push 1 button to begin the compaction cycle.  The compactor will automatically lower the compaction ram and then subsequently raise it back into the "up" position after compaction.
  • Bale Size:  The finished sized of compacted items after the compaction cycle has completed.
  • Compaction Chamber:  The interior space inside the compactor where items are crushed by the compaction ram.  If you have a 50 cubic foot capacity, then the finished compacted bale or full compactor bag will be 50 cubic feet in size.  This interior space is in addition to, and should be considered separate from, the "loading area".
  • Explosion Proof:  Referring to an electrical system, this design ensures that all electrical components are completely enclosed to prevent any spark or electrical current from igniting any flammable gasses which may be present.
  • FIBC:  Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container.  All of our ENVIRO-PAK® compactor bags are FIBC approved storage and transport containers, and tested to a 5 to 1 safety ratio.
  • Full Seam Welded:  All of our compactors are "full seam welded", meaning that every welded joint is welded completely from one end to the other, rather than skip or spot welded.  This design ensures incredible strength, reliability, and corrosion protection, as well as reduces areas of unprotected metal where hidden rust can develop.
  • Gradual Release Door:  Whenever you compact something, you put it under a large amount of force, and that force gets transferred out in all directions, including against the door of the compaction chamber. Our "Gradual Release" door is designed to minimize the chance of operator injury that can occur from typical latches that have only an instant or 1 position release.
  • Integrated Drip Pan:  Featuring a large integrated drain collar, our drip pan is designed for catching leaks and spills from compacted waste, as well as to protect against any accidental hydraulic fluid leakage, which by default makes it environmentally responsible.
  • Load Door Area:  the separate area above the compaction chamber where items are passed through when being loaded into the compaction chamber.  Not to be confused with or added into the "compaction chamber” area, as is sometimes done by other compactor manufacturers. 
  • Marine Coating paint system:  Tech Oil Products' 3 layer marine coating paint system ensures our units are ready for the harshest environments.  This coating is tough and durable, and is excellent at preventing rust and corrosion in humid and salt water environments. 
  • Pad Eye:  The lifting eyes on each unit from which slings, shackles, or cable is attached when moving and lifting the unit.  Tech Oil's pad eyes are made from a single piece of steel insuring an incredible strong and safe lifting point.
  • Ram:  The large steel plate that is lowered into the compaction chamber to do the actual compacting. All ENVIRO-PAK® rams are manufactured by us in our own facilities to ensure maximum strength, durability, and compaction.
  • Rollback:  Our "rollback" feature allows for the entire compaction ram mechanism to "roll" back completely out of the way from over the top of the compaction chamber.  This feature allows for loading of the compactor from the top to be able to easily load larger items, instead of having to pass them through a smaller "load door" in the space between the compaction ram and the compaction chamber.
  • Single-handed operation:  This compactor design allows the operator to turn the unit off or on with a switch, and then operate the compactor by moving only 1 lever (as opposed to a "two-handed" operation model) up or down.
  • Safety Diverter Valves:  A standard safety feature used by all ENVIRO-PAK® compactors, balers, and crushers, these insure that our units will not operate unless ALL safety doors and latches are securely closed.
  • Two-handed operation:  A compactor with two-handed operation is designed for maximum safety.  It requires the operator to have BOTH hands on the compactor controls during operation because the design requires two separate levers be operated simultaneously.  This ensures operation will stop immediately if either lever is released. This safety feature reduces the chance of an operator's hand being caught inside the compaction chamber during operation

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