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ENVIRO-PAK® Drum Crushers

Enviro-Pak® drum crushers are safe, simple, and reliable to operate. Our drum crushers are designed and engineered to withstand the most challenging environments. All drum crushers are seal welded for strength and corrosion resistance. In addition, all Enviro-Pak® drum crushers meet OSHA standards by enclosing the drum during compaction.

Enviro-Pak® drum crushers can be manufactured in stainless steel, aluminum, or mild steel with a protective marine coating. Enviro-Pak® drum crushers can be manufactured with an explosion proof operating system, HEPA filtration, and fire suppression. Enviro-Pak® drum crushers can be built to meet your unique safety requirements. We are experienced in meeting safety compliances worldwide such as, DNV, ABS, MMS, OSHA, and VOC regulations.

ENVIRO-PAK® Filter and Can Crushers

The design and engineering features of ENVIRO-PAK® oil filter and can crushers provide quality equipment that offers low maintenance, low operating costs, as well as safe and simple operation. Our filter crushers can be used to squeeze oil from cloths and absorbent pads, crush one and five gallon paint cans, as well as automotive and industrial filters. Our filter crushers can remove up to 95% of free flowing oil. 
Our filter crushers and can crushers are perfect for offshore and industrial use. 
Available options include: manual or automatic operation, explosion proof electrical systems, pneumatically operated systems, and sandblasting and zinc coating. Enviro-Pak® filter crushers can also be utilized as attachments to our general waste compactors, hazardous waste compactors, recycling compactors, and balers.

Download Enviro-Pak Product Catalog.

To learn more about how we have helped recycle over 12 million pounds of waste, please visit our Recycle the Gulf® page.

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