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Poly Tote Tanks

Poly Tanks (APR)

Poly Tanks (APR) Poly Tanks (APR) Poly Tanks (APR)

Hoover's extended product line of Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC) includes a line of all-polyethylene tote tanks (poly tanks). These polyethylene vessels are durable and can withstand extreme service environments and harsh outdoor weather. Each tote tank is rotationally molded to form a seamless, one-piece polyethylene IBC that will not leak, rust, chip or corrode.

Hoover poly tote tanks are used as chemical storage bins for industrial and agricultural applications, water and septic tanks, and are also UN/DOT approved IBCs that can be used for hazardous material transportation, as well as numerous other liquid storage applications.

This polyethylene is a reusable intermediate bulk container used in food and chemical commercial applications. When it comes to corrosion resistant storage totes, the Hoover Poly IBC is the solution to your need for a hazardous chemical tote tank. Hoover's 275 gallon tank is one of the most popular sizes of IBC's used today.

This tote tank is a durable polyethylene IBC and is a design that promotes longer container life, low maintenance costs, and corrosion resistance while storing liquids up to a t.9 specific gravity.

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Units: USMetric
Nominal Capacity Nominal Width Nominal Length Nominal Height Approx. Tare Weight Max Gross Weight Product Number
275 gallon 40” 48” 53” 242 lbs 4600 lbs 410073
330 gallon 40” 48” 60” 262 lbs 5494 lbs 410026
1040 liter 1016 mm 1219 mm 1346 mm 110 kg 2086 kg 410073
1250 liter 1016 mm 1219 mm 1524 mm 119 kg 2492 kg 410026
  • Unique top design: allows stacked APR’s to be interconnected
  • Roto-molded polyethylene bottle with 2-1/2” radius corner bottle for greater strength and easy cleaning
  • 2" (5.08 cm) raised boss heavy-duty 6" (15.2 cm) fill cap standard with two 2" (5.08 cm) bung plugs
  • 2” outlet with ball valve, quick connect valve and dust cap
  • Recessed placecard areas on all four sides
  • Embossed gallon and liter markings
  • 4-way fork and 2-way pallet jack access
  • Injection-molded polyethylene pallet
  • Reusable, returnable
  • UN markings, meets all UN requirements for PG II and PG III and 1.9 specific gravity (330 does not meet this for stacking test)
  • 48" x 40" (121.9 cm x 101.6cm) base dimensions are the international standard for shipment worldwide
  • Industrial use for hazardous chemical storage, storage of food products such as yogurt and honey, transportation or storage “juice” or unprocessed wine
  • Quick connect valve attachment
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Customer Information

Application Information

Hoover's 275 gallon APR® tank is a reusable rotomolded polyethylene corrosion resistant storage tote designed and manufactured for reusable applications and ideal for oilfield and industrial chemicals, paint and food applications. This 275 gal poly tank also meets the UN31H2Y standard.  

The 275 gallon Hoover EZTote® is a limited use blow molded polyethylene tote tank reinforced with a galvanized steel cage. This one-way tank is used for the storage and transport liquid materials such as chemicals, lubricants, sealants, adhesives and hazardous liquids. This 275 gallon ibc is also compliant with UN31HA1 standards.  

The 275 gallon Composite Intermediate Bull Container is a composite IBC manufactured with rotomolded polyethylene and a durable carbon steel outer cage and is the most durable tank offered in the poly line.  These Composite Tanks can transport shipments of hazardous and corrosive liquids, chemicals, petrochemicals, and food liquids with complete confidence and environmental safety.  This UN 31HA1 rated tank is also perfect for the storage, transportation, and dispensing of lubricants, oils and inks.  The Hoover Composite Tank line allows manufacturers to transfer and store viscous products with greater efficiency