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Hoover Rental Solutions

The Hoover Rental Program provides totes and containers for the oil and gas, specialty chemical, pharmaceutical and refining industries. Hoover has one of the largest rental fleets in the industry and over 20 years of experience offering IBC rentals.  Hoover’s high-quality containers are used worldwide and our rental program provides totes and containers to clients for their facilities throughout the world. Rentals are also available for offshore facilities and shipping your fluid cargo overseas. One-way rentals for international shipping are available.

We Offer:

  • Rentals for both short-term and long-term periods. We offer daily, monthly, and annual rentals with terms up to 10 years.
  • Delivery and pick-up services and fast delivery for new rentals.
  • One-way rentals for overseas shipping, either inbound to the US or outbound.
  • Liquitrac® GPS tracking for all containers, including access to our real-time, web-based worldwide tracking system.
  • Liquitrac® web-based level monitoring technology to manage the level of the fluids in your containers.

    Hoover rental program benefits:

  • Increase the efficiency and safety of your warehouse or shipping facility – Hoover’s IBC’s are designed to be easily handled by forklifts and cranes and hold the equivalent of 5-10 standard-sized drums. They are designed to prohibit manhandling, eliminating potential workplace accidents.
  • Reduce shipping and storage costs – Liquitote® IBC’s unique configuration can reduce shipping and storage. Our 550-gallon container requires only 14 square feet of floor space – 60% less than floor space to store 10 standard-sized 55-gallon containers.
  • Eliminate disposal costs – Hoover will pick up containers at the end of the rental period and dispose of any obsolete containers. You do not need to worry about selling old equipment or handling the disposal of equipment that contained hazardous materials.
  • Conserve capital – Hoover’s rental program consists of a monthly fee and no down payment. You do not need to finance a purchase, or allocate capital to pay for expensive containers up front. Rental of your containers keeps your credit lines available for other uses, as the rental fees finance 100% of the container’s costs.
  • Possible tax benefits – Tax savings may be realized via tax-deductible rental payments rather than depreciating the costs over the life of the container, which may be longer than you need the container.
  • Flexible rental plans – Longer-term rental plans can be structured to accommodate your specific needs, providing additional financial flexibility.

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